Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sacred Sex

In the beginning there was an ecstatic explosion as light penetrated space in a cosmic expression of sacred sex.  From this divine union was born the Sun, and the Earth.  The sun burned with passion for the earth, and impregnated her with his seed.  We-man, and woman, are the offspring of this celestial marriage.  Sacred sexuality is the universal dance of creation.  The universe is a holographic revelation of cosmic origin.  Human sexuality is the ecstatic expression of this divine creation.
            Creation is the expression of sexuality.  The unfolding of universal existence is the sacred dance of polarity.  As light penetrates space, the process of becoming takes place.  The law of attraction moves god, and goddess to join in ecstatic union, manifesting infinite forms.  All things are an embodiment, and expression of this holy matrimony.  Sexuality is the process of transformation through which the universe evolves. 
            As above so it is below.  As it is in heaven so it is on earth.  The universe is a reflection of itself-an infinite hologram of the creative source.  Just as in a hologram every image is a complete representation of the original picture; all forms in the universe are a whole and complete expression of divine origin-god, and goddess creating the universe through the timeless passion of sacred union.
            Human sexuality is the expression of universal creation.  Man and woman are god and goddess.  Desire is the awareness of our creative potential.  Moved by the law of attraction, we come together and dance the universe into being.  Together we move in eternal rhythm, manifesting the energy of spirit-life. 
            The Passion of love making is the fire of creation.  All things are an embodiment of this flame.  When man and woman join in sacred union it is not only for ourselves, but, to create the entire universe.         

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  1. This text is wonderful and the image is completely in harmony of my perception of Divine union. Thanks