Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ecstatic Energy

In the unborn potential of eternity there is no reflection.  Everything exists in the same place at the time.  For the purpose of revelation, the universe is polarized-light is placed into space.  Their magnetic interaction is the essence of cosmic creation.  Desire is the awareness of magnetic intelligence.  The law of attraction moves energy to transform continuously through all forms.  Creation is the revelation of divine origin.
            Desire is the roadmap of becoming.  The universe, and all things in it, material, and invisible, is the embodiment, and expression of magnetism.  This awareness is inherent in all things.  Liberation is submission to this perfect intelligence-the law of attraction.  Creation is the orgasmic interaction of polar energy. 
            Attraction moves this energy to become, transforming in an ecstatic wave through all forms at every level of cosmic being.  Light is poured out into space, becoming hydrogen.  Hydrogen is transformed in the furnace of nuclear fusion to become all atomic matter.  The sun penetrates the earth, becoming life.  Plants become the bull.  Bull becomes the man.  Man becomes the raptor.  One body, one soul, one mind, one time, one life, one heart, mankind, divine. 
            The evolution of the universe is the revelation of divine consciousness.  Everything is everything.  Light expands into space in perfect symmetry, making everything new, yet, unchanged.  The creative transformation of the universe is cyclical, spiraling out from now.  The self looks out through the window of the soul to see itself.
  Desire is the compass toward providence.  Connected to all things, from the beginning to the end of time; self is the center of creation.  So, make a wish; now is the time to exist.  

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