Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chakra System

 The universe is made of light and space.  Light is the sound-vibration of space.  Creation is the transformation of light across the intonation-color spectrum.  Though the continuum of light frequencies is infinite, the spectrum can be represented by seven color-sounds, or chakras.  Every form in the cosmos is a whole and complete representation of the entire universe.  Therefore, every form contains the full spectrum of light.  A human being is the embodiment of the light spectrum.  The actualization of the human being is the transformation of light-consciousness through the chakra system.  This system is arranged along the spinal column, through the frontal cortex, pouring out into space.
            The first chakra is located at the base of the spine.  It is called the Root Chakra.  The color of this chakra is crimson, and the sound is lam.  Conscious in the first chakra is concerned with core needs-food, shelter, safety.  This is the chakra through which ones foundation is built-family bonds, and community relationships.
            The second chakra is located between the belly button, and the genitals.  It is called the Sacral Chakra.  The color of this chakra is red, and the sound is vam.  Consciousness at this level is concerned with passion, emotions, sexuality, creativity, intuition.  This is the chakra through which intimate relationships are developed.
            The third chakra is located just above the belly button.  It’s called the Solar Plexus Chakra.  The color of this chakra is orange, and the sound is ram.  Consciousness at this level becomes concerned with integrity, power, and self-esteem.  It is from this chakra that deliberate action, and responsibility emerges.
            The fourth chakra is located at the level of the heart.  It is called the Heart Chakra.  The color of this chakra is green, and it’s the sound is yam.  Consciousness at this level becomes compassionate, and courageous.  It is at this level that one begins to identify with a body that extends beyond her fingertips.  Consciousness at the heart chakra motivates social action, and synchronicity. 
            The fifth chakra is located at the level of the throat.  It is called the Throat Chakra.  The color of this chakra is blue, and the sound is ham.  Consciousness at this level is concerned with communication.  Body, verbal, and written language are all aspects of the Throat Chakra.  It is through this chakra that one develops his style, and voice.
            The sixth chakra is located at the level of the forehead just above the eyebrows.  Often called the third eye, the name of this chakra is Vision Chakra.  Its color is indigo, and its sound is Om.  Consciousness at this frequency is capable of creative visualization, perceiving revelation, and self projection.  It is through this chakra that one derives a sense of purpose, and destiny.  It is through this chakra that the manifestation of imagination is possible.
            The seventh chakra is located outside the physical body just above the top of the head.  It is called the Crown Chakra.  The color of this chakra is purple.  Conscious at this level is faithful, and transcendent.  It is at this level that the self is born into the universal body, and achieves immortality, living now in eternal time.
            In a healthy, mature human being all seven states of consciousness are fully realized, existing simultaneously, and synchronously, allowing energy to flow freely through the body.  However, when there is a physical, emotional, and/or psychic wounding, in this life or a past life, that wound is stored in ones energetic memory, creating blockage, or imbalance in one, or all of the chakra fields.  This imbalance distorts the free flow of energy throughout the chakra system, arresting consciousness development, and/or causing physical, emotional, and/or psychic illness.  Proper health can be restored through subtle-energy healing strategies-light touch, spirit medicine, shamanic ritual, balancing the chakra system, allowing the dynamic flow of energy to resume, and development to continue.           

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kundalini Cycle

  As above so below.  The kingdom of heaven is within us.  The universe is a holotropic one-a fractal.  Everything that exists, visible, and invisible, is a whole, and complete representation of divine origin.  Universal creation is the expansion of consciousness.  This process is entirely represented, from beginning to end, alfa to omega, by a human life.  This can be understood through the concept of kundalini transformation. 
            The universe begins with a vibration of space so subtle that it is undifferentiated from ultimate stillness.  From this initiation the universe-consciousness expands, moving through frequencies-wavelengths.  Continuously becoming consciousness expands through the infinite spectrum of light.  Manifesting, and returning to subtly, this is the spiraling cycle of eternal creation.
            A human being is an embodiment of universal creation.  The body and spirit are made of consciousness-light.  The experience of life is the transformation of consciousness through the light spectrum.  Matter and energy are states of consciousness.  The physical body transforms matter-food, water, and air into energy.  The spirit body transforms energy into physicality.  This human process is a whole and complete representation of universal creation. 
            The human being can be understood through the concept of kundalini transformation.  The human being is a spectrum of light frequencies-wavelengths.  These frequencies can be divided into seven levels-chakras.  Each chakra represents a color along the light spectrum.  As one takes in matter-food, water, and air it travels from top to bottom, becoming energy.  In a mature human being, this energy is then channeled back up through the chakras, materializing through sexuality, individual assertion, compassionate action, communication, visualization, and transpersonal actualization. 
The universe and everything in it is whole, and complete, as well as partial, and unresolved.  This is true of the human being.  We exist as an embodiment of universal creation as well as along a continuum of consciousness, flowing into us, and pouring from us, spiraling into space through an eternal cycle of transformation.      

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ecstatic Energy

In the unborn potential of eternity there is no reflection.  Everything exists in the same place at the time.  For the purpose of revelation, the universe is polarized-light is placed into space.  Their magnetic interaction is the essence of cosmic creation.  Desire is the awareness of magnetic intelligence.  The law of attraction moves energy to transform continuously through all forms.  Creation is the revelation of divine origin.
            Desire is the roadmap of becoming.  The universe, and all things in it, material, and invisible, is the embodiment, and expression of magnetism.  This awareness is inherent in all things.  Liberation is submission to this perfect intelligence-the law of attraction.  Creation is the orgasmic interaction of polar energy. 
            Attraction moves this energy to become, transforming in an ecstatic wave through all forms at every level of cosmic being.  Light is poured out into space, becoming hydrogen.  Hydrogen is transformed in the furnace of nuclear fusion to become all atomic matter.  The sun penetrates the earth, becoming life.  Plants become the bull.  Bull becomes the man.  Man becomes the raptor.  One body, one soul, one mind, one time, one life, one heart, mankind, divine. 
            The evolution of the universe is the revelation of divine consciousness.  Everything is everything.  Light expands into space in perfect symmetry, making everything new, yet, unchanged.  The creative transformation of the universe is cyclical, spiraling out from now.  The self looks out through the window of the soul to see itself.
  Desire is the compass toward providence.  Connected to all things, from the beginning to the end of time; self is the center of creation.  So, make a wish; now is the time to exist.  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sacred Sex

In the beginning there was an ecstatic explosion as light penetrated space in a cosmic expression of sacred sex.  From this divine union was born the Sun, and the Earth.  The sun burned with passion for the earth, and impregnated her with his seed.  We-man, and woman, are the offspring of this celestial marriage.  Sacred sexuality is the universal dance of creation.  The universe is a holographic revelation of cosmic origin.  Human sexuality is the ecstatic expression of this divine creation.
            Creation is the expression of sexuality.  The unfolding of universal existence is the sacred dance of polarity.  As light penetrates space, the process of becoming takes place.  The law of attraction moves god, and goddess to join in ecstatic union, manifesting infinite forms.  All things are an embodiment, and expression of this holy matrimony.  Sexuality is the process of transformation through which the universe evolves. 
            As above so it is below.  As it is in heaven so it is on earth.  The universe is a reflection of itself-an infinite hologram of the creative source.  Just as in a hologram every image is a complete representation of the original picture; all forms in the universe are a whole and complete expression of divine origin-god, and goddess creating the universe through the timeless passion of sacred union.
            Human sexuality is the expression of universal creation.  Man and woman are god and goddess.  Desire is the awareness of our creative potential.  Moved by the law of attraction, we come together and dance the universe into being.  Together we move in eternal rhythm, manifesting the energy of spirit-life. 
            The Passion of love making is the fire of creation.  All things are an embodiment of this flame.  When man and woman join in sacred union it is not only for ourselves, but, to create the entire universe.