Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kundalini Cycle

  As above so below.  The kingdom of heaven is within us.  The universe is a holotropic one-a fractal.  Everything that exists, visible, and invisible, is a whole, and complete representation of divine origin.  Universal creation is the expansion of consciousness.  This process is entirely represented, from beginning to end, alfa to omega, by a human life.  This can be understood through the concept of kundalini transformation. 
            The universe begins with a vibration of space so subtle that it is undifferentiated from ultimate stillness.  From this initiation the universe-consciousness expands, moving through frequencies-wavelengths.  Continuously becoming consciousness expands through the infinite spectrum of light.  Manifesting, and returning to subtly, this is the spiraling cycle of eternal creation.
            A human being is an embodiment of universal creation.  The body and spirit are made of consciousness-light.  The experience of life is the transformation of consciousness through the light spectrum.  Matter and energy are states of consciousness.  The physical body transforms matter-food, water, and air into energy.  The spirit body transforms energy into physicality.  This human process is a whole and complete representation of universal creation. 
            The human being can be understood through the concept of kundalini transformation.  The human being is a spectrum of light frequencies-wavelengths.  These frequencies can be divided into seven levels-chakras.  Each chakra represents a color along the light spectrum.  As one takes in matter-food, water, and air it travels from top to bottom, becoming energy.  In a mature human being, this energy is then channeled back up through the chakras, materializing through sexuality, individual assertion, compassionate action, communication, visualization, and transpersonal actualization. 
The universe and everything in it is whole, and complete, as well as partial, and unresolved.  This is true of the human being.  We exist as an embodiment of universal creation as well as along a continuum of consciousness, flowing into us, and pouring from us, spiraling into space through an eternal cycle of transformation.      

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